WhatsApp Payment is also here.WhatsApp Payement app Shows up on how to transfer money using the Indian government’s UPI standard. The WhatsApp Payment feature, first spotted by GizmoTimes, is presently available to select users of the beta app in India. The feature can  be used in a chat window through the Attachments menu. The option to choose the UPI Payment can be choosen from, editor slot and beside Document and Gallery icons.

whatsaap payment


Clicking on Payments will open a new  screen, There will be a list of banks to choose from. You can then select your preferred bank account to connect with UPI. You will be asked to create an authentication pin(which is UPI pin). If you not yet used the UPI payments platform. Additionally, you will have to create a UPI account (if you don’t have one previously) through the UPI app or your respective bank’s website/ app. The UPI Pin is also used in the transaction of any other app like Tez, Phonepe etc.

whatsapp payement bank

These will be possible only when both the phones or mobiles should have the Whats Payment features. It means both the Whatsaap account should be updated. Users have reportedly facing issues linking their bank accounts to the app, although this is expected from a feature available in beta.

The approval to integrate WhatsApp with UPI was given in July 2017. The feature was also spotted on an Android beta version back in August last year. Ever since UPI was announced by the government, players and while Tez from Google did so well in the easy payments through UPI, WhatsApp having its payments option will have a big advantage of having 1.5 billion users already.

We keep you updated with the developments but for now, it is the WhatsApp 2.18.41 version that we are using and in which the feature got available, but we think it is only limited to select user accounts and not for a particular app version.

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