Over the years, Youtube has become the default music streaming service for most of the users. With data plans going low, people find it easy to lift their mood on YouTube. It sounds okay for streaming on a desktop or tablet. But smartphone users find it impossible to simultaneoulsy play music in their YouTube app and continue with their tasks. Their isn’t any option in the app to keep playing the music as the app runs in the background. Here’s where Androhuman comes to your rescue. You can now play music on YouTube while continuing with your other tasks. Follow the below steps.

No app required:

It’s basically a trick and it doesn’t involve the YouTube app at all. YouTube Red gives you the convienece of playing music while the app is in the background. But it comes at a subscription. The trick involves Google Chrome, which we all have on our phones. It isn’t as easy as in YouTube Red, but it gets the work done.

Here is a little insight into a Chrome feature on our smartphones that most of the users don’t use. Its the Desktop Site option that appears when you click the three grey dots on the top right corner of the tab.

Step by Step Guide to play YouTube in Backgorund:

  1. Open YouTube in the Chrome browser.
  2. Click the three vertical grey dots on the top right corner of the tab.
  3. Select the Desktop Site option. YouTube now opens like it would open in a desktop.                                                        vlc
  4. Start playing any video of your choice.
  5. Now, press the Home button. Of course, the music stops playing.
  6. Scroll down the notification bar. You will see that the video is paused in Chrome.

Now just click on the play button and voila! Your song starts playing , with YouTube running in background as it would do in a desktop.For iOS, you need to pull up the Control Center to access the play back controls.

Now you can continue with whatever it is you want to do on your phone. Just a reminder, if you go back in Chrome or minimize the app, the music will stop playing and you will have to resume it from the notification bar.

The Best Part:

The music will keep playing even when you switch off the screen. This trick allows you to use YouTube as a basic music player. You can use any other browser to do the same. You get controls on your lock screen too– change the track as well as pause the music, both controls are present. Although, the controls may differ from the notification shade. But you get annoying adds too a which you can only bypass by opening the browser.


For those of you having problem to open Youtube in browser, click – https://www.youtube.com/?gl=IN

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