Opera has just released the latest update for its browser. And boy, has not it impressed. Opera 51 is faster, lighter and takes less juice of your machine. Its 38% faster than both Firefox and Chrome. Opera has been the most underrated browser, but now its improvements over speed and performance has blanked out Firefox and Chrome.The speed on Opera is quite noticeable even when you  open multiple tabs simultaneously.  Its based on Chromium 64.

opera browser

Opera 51 brings speed improvements, Spectre mitigations, and a host of time-saving features.

Just as Mozilla tried to bring back its Firefox users by doubling performance on Firefox Quantum, Opera has been making a lot of under-hood improvements. Its mainly aimed at improving performance and user experience on Windows.

Why is it Fast:

Opera 51 has been compiled in Clang (a compiler front end for the programming languages C, C++). This has boosted its performance to the utmost.  Its benchmarks in Apple’s WebKit Speedometer 2.0 browser test squared against Firefox 58 on a HP Spectre running Windows 10 and produced a result showing it was 38 percent faster.

opera browser

Opera 51 now also includes mitigations for one of the Spectre attacks that could potentially be exploited by JavaScript. The changes remove all the ways that an attacker might gain a high-precision timing source.
It contains a side-bar. It has the Messenger and Whatsapp Web pinned on it. You can also pin different setting options on tthe side bar. You can choose whether to make the side-bar visible or not. All your bookmarks, history, favorites, speed dials in one place. There is also an option to take a snapshot of the webpage. You can choose to take a full snapshot or only a part of the webpage.
Opera has also been working on a number of time saving features.Opera 51 has a shortcut for getting back to the top of long pages like Facebook feeds. Users can now simply click the tab to return to the top and click it again to return to the last location.For those who work with lots of open tabs, the browser now features two collapsible lists of open tabs and recently closed tabs.

opera browser

Also while playing You Tube videos, you can use in Picture In Picture mode to pin a small window of the playback on your screen. After that , it just remains there, playing the videos and that too in total sync. You can close it or click it to open the You Tube video in your browser. Its such an amazing feature. We hope other browsers also get this feature.
The feature, which sits on the right of opened tabs, makes it easier to see what’s open on each tab and hop between or close them. Hovering above an item on the list also displays a preview of the page. There’s also a new option to permanently keep tabs pinned. There is an option to reset Opera with a single click, which cleans out cached pages, cookies, unused extensions, and pinned tabs while keeping bookmarks, history and saved passwords.
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