Light L16 is the new competitor in the megapixel war. In simple words, its a pocket DSLR without compromising quality. It has total of 16 cameras with different resolutions and focal lengths which synchronize to render super detailed, super sharp pictures. But its a bit heavy on your pocket.Light 16 comes at $1950. That’s quite heavy. But it does explain itself to stand up to the price.

The Light L16 combines breakthrough optics design with never-before-seen imaging technology to bring you the camera of the future. It uses “computational photography” to fuse the individual photos together form the cameras with depth data, producing results that would be “DSLR quality”.

Light L16
Image Credit: TheVerge

Light L16’s True Colors:

The combined resolution of the cameras stand upto be 52+ MP  to a whopping 81MP. The rear is just camera covering more than 70% of the space. It has a 5 inch FHD display. There are 16 individual 13 MP sensors, although not all of them work together ( a total of 208 MP, phew!).

It has 256GB of built-in storage with no card slot for expansion. There’s a USB 3.0 Type-C port for data transfer and charging, a Light accessory port, and an external microphone jack.


The L16 runs on the Android, powered by Snapdragon 820 with a custom ASIC by Light themselves. The camera has an internal 4120 mAh lithium-ion battery and includes GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It takes 4K video through any of its three discrete focal lengths.

Picture Perfect Cameras:

The real charisma is the zooming capability. It can zoom anywhere between 28mm wide angle to 150mm telephoto, which gives a 5x optical zoom. The L16 simulates all the focal lengths in between 28mm, 70mm, and 150mm by binding data from multiple sensors. It replicates the focal length by stitching images together on the fly.

Light L16
Orginal Photo from L16
Image after 100% cropped.

Light L16 is fast, considering the stitching of images after every shot. It shows you a lower resolution preview. It has a button to make it upto 13MP but for getting the full 52MP resolution, you’ll need to process the image using its desktop application.

Well, a camera at this price should perform excellent in all lighting conditions. But the L16 lags a little in low light scenarios. The pictures tend to become grainy. Also, at full zoom, it looses it image stabilization and the pictures aren’t detailed.

Light L16
Image Credit: Imaging Resource

This is built for street photography. You can capture in-moment pictures in great detail, without having to fumble for a long lens in your bag every time you see something worth capturing. Taking burst shots can be a little pain as it gets slow.

L16 is built on a software platform much like your smartphone and is capable of improving through updates.

It does stand out in the camera market. People have actually started buying this poket snapper. Tell us what you think of L16.

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