We love YouTube. The streaming app gets us going all day. And the best part- its free. But we don’t desire to spent our data on watching the same videos again and again. It would be very convenient if we could just download them on our device straight away. But sadly, YouTube is very bias against downloading videos. There is no option in the app that would download videos with a click. So, we at Androhuman thought why not make use of what’s there. Check out the below steps to download and enjoy YouTube videos, anytime, anyplace. Its easy peasy.

App Requirement:

Well, there is an app for everything right, just to make it a bit more handy. But you don’t have to worry, there are no annoying adds. Its advisable that you read the whole process and decide the one best for you.

Follow the below steps in the mentioned order(For Android):

  1. Search savefromnet in Google.                                                                                                                    download
  2. Download its app and install it. It isn’t available on Play Store.
  3. Open any video of your choice in YouTube.
  4. Click in the share button.                                                                                                                            download


5. Scroll down. You will find the SaveFrom option. Choose it.                                                                                   

6. Now, the app opens showing you the option to download.

And that’s how you download a YouTube video. It totally gets the work done. Although, the maximum resolution you get is 720p. The SaveFrom website works better in PCs, if you look for the response time. There is an issue sometimes when we try to open it in smatphones. But hey, its saving you a lot of data, gonna have to give it some credit. There are no worries with the app.                                                                                                                                   download

Method 2:

Alternatively, you copy the video link from the share button. Then paste it in your browser. Now add ‘ss'(two small caps consecutive s) just before the youtu.be. Same goes for the PC users. It will now redirect you to the SaveFrom website from where you can download your video.

Easy wasn’t it? Now your favorite videos go with you. Data or not, you can now never get bored. Lets us know in the comments if you liked it.

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