Microsoft has been working quite hard on Cortana to make it as desirable as Google Assistant. Microsoft shuttered its Groove Music service at the end of last year and attempted to shift users to Spotify. Earlier you used to control Groove Music with the Microsoft’s Assistant but now, you can do the same for Spotify. Its the favourite app for music lovers which led Microsoft to integrating this feature.


How to Connect Cortana and Spotify:

Head over to the Windows Store and download Spotify. After that, start the app and login. Well according to CNET, this only works with Spotify Preminum but that’s not true. Free users can also take full advantage of the feature. However while asking Cortana to play music, it  does tell you ” I am a better DJ with Spotify Premium “.

Keep in mind that you need to be logged in with your Microsoft account. Next, click on Cortana icon in the taskbar and select the Notebook icon.


You will see a list; select Music. If Spotify is installed, here it will show its status as off. Click on Add Service and choose Spotify.


You’ll need to login again with your Spotify cresidentials to allow Cortana to get your data.


DJ Cortana:

Now you can issue voice commands to the Assistant to play music on Spotify. For example , say- “Hey Cortana, play Today’s Top Hits “. It will now open Spotify and start playing your track. You can also tell Cortana to pause or resume the music. Your commands do not need to contain “..Spotify”. You just say the track and it will play for you on Spotify as you have chosen it your default music service.



This was very nice and selfless of Microsoft to ditch its own music app and work on Spotify. What do you think of this new feature. Tell us in the comments.

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